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Get dummy/fake JSON data to use as placeholder in development or in prototype testing.

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Got tired of Lorem ipsum data?

With DummyJSON, what you get is different types of REST Endpoints filled with JSON data which you can use in developing the frontend with your favorite framework and library without worrying about writing a backend.

Example Code

.then(res => res.json())
.then(json => console.log(json))

  💬: 🤔,


DummyJSON comes with different sets of common resources:


Following resources are available which you can access via our REST API.

/products 100 products
/carts 20 carts
/users 100 users
/posts 150 posts
/comments 340 comments
/image Generate images on the fly
/quotes 100 quotes
/todos 150 todos
/http Mock HTTP Code Response
/auth to get auth token

Note: by default you will get 30 results and the total count, you can pass "skip" & "limit" query string to get more results.
For example: /posts?skip=5&limit=10


All HTTP methods are supported. You can use http or https for your requests.

GET /products // get all products
GET /products/1 // get single product
GET /products/search?q=Laptop // search products
GET /products/categories // get product categories
GET /products/category/smartphones // get products of a category
POST /products/add // add a product
PUT /products/1 // update a product
PATCH /products/1 // update a product
DELETE /products/1 // delete a product
GET (auth) /auth/products // get products with auth token

Note: see DOCS for usage examples.